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Sponsoring Mac Efficiency

Mac Efficiency is sponsored by Mac-related vendors or services. All products that may be of interest to Mac users are welcome. I invite all reputable vendors to inquire about supporting this site.

Sponsoring a column

Each Mac Efficiency column is sponsored by four Mac-related vendors or services. When you sponsor a page, you remain that page's sponsor. Your banner is on that page for as long as that column is online. Whenever a new (or existing) Mac user (or the Mac curious) visit that page, whether the column is a day old or has been up for a year, your ad will be there.

The sooner you purchase a sponsorship, the better the value because:

  • Your ad will be online longer
  • You'll qualify for the introductory pricing.

The best value is to purchase four ads at a time, providing one top and one side banner, letting me place you once in each position over four articles.

Ad specs

To sponsor one of our how-to or informational columns, you will be asked to provide your banner, ready for placement, to the following specs:

  • gif, jpg, or png
  • 468 x 60 pixels for top placement, border included if desired (Full Banner size per
  • Between up to 160 x up to 300 for side placement, border included if desired
  • non-animated, unless animation is agreed upon beforehand*

*Movement distracts from the learning that needs to go on at the page.

Pop-ups are not permitted here.

If you wish to post a limited-time banner such as a holiday or show special, please provide both the special banner and a generic-timed banner as well as instructions for when to swap out the time-limted banner. A small fee may apply for swapping banners.

Sponsoring other pages 

Sponsorships of the Home page, Columns Index, About pages and other pages are available as they are created. Ads on these pages are not life-of-site permanent. Please contact me to discuss the durations of such sponsorships.

Visitor Tracking

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Contact us

To contact me to discuss advertising, please Be sure to provide your contact info.


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