The First Web Column Series

Once upon a time, back in 1998, two great guys, Dave Moser and Stan Flack, owned and operated a very cool website called MacCentral. One day over Thanksgiving weekend, I wrote them a quick note as a bit of reader appreciation and feedback. To my surprise, both of them responded — one with a response subject, “we listen.” But to my greater surprise, they invited me to write for them. And write, I did. Given the opportunity to write about anything Mac, I chose to write about the most efficient ways to use your Mac. In June 1999, Mac Publishing LLC purchased MacCentral. As part of a reorganization of the Mac Publishing websites, they eventually decided not to carry columns at the MacCentral site, so my last column with them was posted at the end of February 2001.

Readers asked me to keep the columns alive, so in this section of, you can read all of the original columns.

This part of went live with the above message on June 3, 2001 after Mac Publishing removed these columns from their MacCentral archive.

- Deborah Shadovitz

Index of Mac Efficiency 101 columns

— 1998 —

Column Introduction

The Beginning of Organization

Document Saving Savvy

All About ACTION Files

— 1999 —

Application Folder Organization

Creating an Apple Menu Launcher

Thoughts On Folder Organiztion

Pop-up Tab Launchers

Apple Menu Organization

Thoughts On Apple Menu

Apple Menu Organiztion II

The Bare Bone Launcher Review

Tab Tricks II

Dealing with Data Files

Creating and Keeping Stationery, Part I

Creating and Keeping Stationery, Part II

Creating and Keeping Stationery, Part III

Where To Put Email Files

"AppleScript Makes a Good Broom"

Netscape File Backup

Playtime Puzzle

A View for all Reasons - Part One

A View for all Reasons - Part Two

A View for all Reasons - Part Three

A View for all Reasons - Part Four

A View for all Reasons - Part Five

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Make Typing a Real Drag

More Clippings and Ideas

More Clipping Chatter

Note Taking Part I

Clipping Tracking

Cleaning Up Text

Text Cleaning Reader Feedback/Suggestions

Easy Web Rider (featuring ILFs & LinkConverter)

Easy Web Rider The Sequel

EasyWebRiderSequel — 1 1/2

Easy Web Rider — The Prequel

E-mail efficiency Part 1

E-mail efficiency Part 2

E-mail efficiency Part 3

E-mail efficiency Part 4

E-mail efficiency Part 5: The Reply

E-mail efficiency Part 6

Spammers and Miners

Reporting Spam

Preventing Spam

E-mail — Say it with feeling

Efficient Web Searching with Skworm

E-mail Attachments

— 2000 —

Note Pad Tricks

Finder settings

Your key is your Mac's command

Action Menus part II


File types and Creator Codes Part One

File types and Creator Codes Part Two: Changing File Codes

Selection Techniques

Selection Techniques Part 2

Character Formatting

Paragraph Formatting

The Secret of Tab Efficiency

Styles — Pure Efficiency

Effective Word Processing

Let's Talk Indents

More Ruler Text Line Controls

Page Breaks — Just Say When

— 2001 —

Welcome to 2001 (My Macworld San Francisco 2001 Round-up)

Return Receipt

Return Receipt Reader Feedback

StuffIt Deluxe return receipt

Easy Notes with EZNote

Drinking While Driving Your Mac (Bonus: Only appeared here under "More Mac Efficiency.")


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